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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​

Learning Pathways

Aspire School offers a Pathway model to the curriculum which means all pupils have a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum across three pathways.    All children, regardless of pathway, will follow a personal development curriculum linked to their individual starting points

Pathway 1 offers an exclusively therapeutic and entirely bespoke curriculum to meet pupils’ cognitive needs. 

The primary intent for learning is around:

  • Learning to communicate using a range of tools, as appropriate
  • Sharing attention
  • Recognising feelings
  • Preparing for the next stages in life

Pathway 2 offers a unique blend of therapeutic content and academic opportunities designed to support and extend cognitive understanding. 

The primary intent for learning is around:

  • Functional aspects of learning, including independence and communication
  • Linking learning together
  • Developing an awareness of own feelings
  • Being aware of and learning alongside others
  • Accessing elements of the National Curriculum as appropriate to developmental stages and interests
  • Preparing for the next stages in life

Pathway 3 offers full access to a relevant and appropriate academic curriculum across any and all subjects, at a pace which suits the child.   Pupils on this pathway will also have access to therapeutic services, as required.  The primary intent for learning is around:

  • Being independent communicators
  • Taking part in more formal learning activities
  • Working collaboratively with others, with support if needed
  • Accessing an adapted National Curriculum, according to starting points
  • Developing understanding of own feelings and those of others
  • Accessing National Testing if and when relevant
  • Preparing for the next stages of life