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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​


At Aspire our aim is to provide an outstanding and effective provision which will enable children to achieve their full potential. We provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum that gives the children the broad range of knowledge and skills needed for good progress through school life, together with a secure and caring learning environment in which all children feel eager and motivated to learn while making good progress. It is one, which seeks to promote the developing skills, concepts, confidence and independence of the individual child supported through equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice.

At Aspire the children are supported in all their learning by experienced staff who provide activities that build upon the children’s experience and interests. Our curriculum planning allows the child to take part in both child initiated and adult led learning activities, which are evaluated and used to inform our future planning. We use both the indoor and outdoor environments to provide opportunities for exploring and for the children to be actively involved in their learning. They are encouraged to make their own discoveries and communicate their ideas. We recognise that opportunities for learning occur spontaneously and so these are encouraged and embraced.

Structure and routine are built into the day so that the children begin to understand what is expected of them and consistent approaches supported by visual cues are used so that anticipation of routines and activities is developed.

Makaton is consistently used to support communication. Additionally children are supported to communicate through the provision of a variety of different communication aids according to their individual need. Opportunities to practice and develop communication skills are planned into the day including sessions such as snack time and play times. The children are given regular opportunities to make choices and show preferences.

The children are supported to interact and build relationships with those around them through planned activities and experiences. Each child, their thoughts and their interactions are valued and they are encouraged to have confidence in themselves, and in their own ability and worth.

It is recognised that each child is an individual who will develop in different ways at varying rates. In the EYFS at Aspire we lay the foundations for each individual child to build on as they progress through their learning journey.

We believe that well-planned play is the key to how young children learn. Providing children with opportunities to take part in a variety of play-based activities is at the core of our teaching.