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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​


   Here at Aspire we believe in an individual, tailored approach, which enables pupils  to learn at a pace and in a way that suits them. Teaching can be delivered as a whole class, in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on individual needs.
Often, our pupils   have communication and language difficulties, so we use a holistic approach to teaching. Our reading and phonics teaching is intertwined with supporting the children’s speech and language needs.
It is essential that our approach to teaching phonics and reading is accessible to all learners, regardless of their disability and background.

  Reading at Aspire                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Book Sharers

 In order to encourage your child to become a lifelong reader, it is important that they learn to read for pleasure. The most important thing you can do to support your child on their reading journey is to share books with them. Asking questions and discussing the pictures and text will support their learning. So grab a book or download  a story,  snuggle up and share a journey into a world of fantasy or learn about the world together. 

Phonics -  Little Wandle Letters and Sounds 

At Aspire School, it is our aspiration that all children will have the opportunity to become readers and writers. We teach early reading through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme, which is a systematic, synthetic phonics programme. We start teaching phonics with Phase 1 which develops our children’s auditory processing, speaking and listening skills.  When ready the children follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Programme of study, which ensures children build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, leading to mastering phonics, reading, and spelling.

Further information on how to support your child with phonics skills can be found here:

At Aspire School, we value reading as a crucial life skill. By the time children leave us, where appropriate, children will read at a level to the fullest of their abilities. Our aim is that our readers will be equipped with the tools to tackle unfamiliar vocabulary and will have developed the language and comprehension skills needed for understanding what they are reading. We encourage our children to see themselves as readers for both pleasure and purpose.

Reading  Adventurers

Once our children complete the   phonics programme, they  begin their journey to becoming independent readers .  They  progress to the Little Wandle  fluency and spelling programme to further develop their reading and spelling skills.  Our children continue to  read    carefully selected "Reading Adventurers" books  which are  designed to  develop fluency and comprehension skills. 

Reading  Explorers

Once   our readers have mastered the basic skills of fluency and  comprehension , they   continue their journey as "Reading Explorers". Through our bespoke national curriculum offer they develop their reading  stamina  and comprehension skills, entering the world of reading for pleasure .

Writing at Aspire                                                                                                                                                                                                            

From Mark Makers  to Writers

Writing takes many years to master, and your child will travel  along  many pathways on their individual  journey to becoming a writer. At the beginning of their journey,  they will  spend time developing fine motor skills, through  activities such as Clever Fingers and Dough Disco, which develop their writing muscles.  They will develop vocabulary and learn how writing works.  They will spend time mark making,  drawing and playing at being writers. When ready, letter formation is taught using non-cursive script, and they will learn how to use phonics skills to write words and sentences. Spelling will develop as they continue to develop their  phonics knowledge.  Once mastered, they will  continue on their journey and learn to  become skilled writers.   

 Continuing The Writing Journey

Once our children master phonics they begin their journey to mastering  writing.   Our children access our  bespoke writing offer, following  the  National Curriculum, which teaches application of spelling, grammar and writing skills tailored to the individual child's level and pace of learning.  

English Skills shown on a diagram