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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​


  Aspire Early Maths Curriculum

Children at Aspire start their  Maths journey  by exploring their mathematical world  through play-based learning opportunities.

Our aim is for children to develop their sense of number by introducing early maths skills into their world.   Mathematical concepts and vocabulary are introduced  through  exploring mathematics using a "hands on" multi-sensory approach, allowing our children to make connections with the world around them. 

  Maths in our Life Skills programme

Important skills, such as using money, telling the time and practical application of maths skills in Food Technology, have been placed in our life skills offer to ensure our children access these key concepts as part of their everyday life at Aspire.

Exploring  mathematics in our world enables our learners to develop functional life skills that stay with them throughout their lives.

  Aspire Maths Curriculum              New Recognition Partner Announcement - White Rose Maths - Tempo Time Credits

At Aspire our children will  continue their Maths journey by following a carefully constructed bespoke route through the White Rose Maths  scheme. When ready, our children  will access the scheme  at a  carefully selected level to ensure understanding,  and progress  through  the scheme at an appropriate  pace. 

White Rose Maths  develops mathematical understanding through teaching key concepts using a logical 'small steps' approach. At the heart of our mastery teaching is the Concrete/Pictorial/Abstract (CPA) approach. Our children are introduced to each new concept by working with concrete physical resources and pictorial representations, which leads to a better understanding of abstract concepts. 

Emphasis is given to the 'ready to progress' skills, as set by the NCETM as a priority, as these are the skills needed to develop the mathematical understanding needed to support catch up.    Once working at age-appropriate levels, our children access the full National Curriculum at the recommended pace through the scheme.