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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​


Welcome to the Aspire PTA

The Aspire PTA is a registered charity which works to  open up our opportunities for fundraising for the children in our school.  Our chair person is Shannon.

Our big aim for this year is to fund and develop the outside space of the school and create safe and fun creative outlets for the children, for example,    equipment such as a trim trail. 

We will host and help with a number of events throughout the year in conjunction with the school. We meet at least once a term within the school, normally just after school drop-off at 9am.

Any and all parents are welcome to attend. If you would like to attend, please make us aware on the school facebook page or by emailing

Please feel free to ask any questions about what it is we are doing and how we plan to spend the funds that we raise.