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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​

Personal Development and Life Skills

All pupils receive a specific Personal Development curriculum, regardless of their pathway or level of need.  This is formulated in two parts:
  1. Life Skills  for Independence
  2. Personal, Social, Health, Emotional  and Economic Education with Relationships and Sex Education (PSHEE with RSE)
We aspire for our pupils to go on to achieve great things, whether that is personal to them or in the wider world.  To do that, we encourage the development of self-care and life skills for those who have not managed this independently yet.
These skills are in 10 categories, with some sub-categories, each with the intention of developing independence with self-care and building life skills.  They are:
Cleanliness and Health

(including  toileting, general health, tooth care and hair care)


(including dressing/undressing and selection/care of clothes)

Eating and Drinking
Domestic Tasks

(including  washing dishes, preparing food, setting a table and clearing a table)


(including Emotional Regulation and understanding emotions)

Social Skills

(including social interaction and social etiquette)


(including receptive and expressive language)

Independent Travel

(including road awareness and public transport)

We  will cover 2 (PSHEE with RSE) in the National Curriculum section.