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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​

Personalised Outcomes

All progress towards personalised outcomes on Individual Learner Profiles (ILPs) will be measured using the Evidence for Learning assessment system. Evidence for Learning is a photo and video based assessment system, which allows all stakeholders in a child’s education to gather evidence and link it to their personalised outcomes. The system supports any assessment framework and any assessment model, which lends itself perfectly to a curriculum that is centred around the individual learning needs of the pupils.
At Aspire, the pupils’ core personalised outcomes will be derived from the EHCP process. These outcomes will be added to the pupils’ Individual Learner Profiles and to the Evidence for Learning assessment system. From this point, any video or photo evidence that links to a personalised outcome can be added to Evidence for Learning to support the progress that has been made in that area. This evidence can then be shared at EHCP Annual Review meetings with parents, as well as to provide evidence of progress during Pupil Progress meetings.