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Aspire Primary School

​​​​​​​Individual For All, Aspirational For Everyone​​​​​​​


  Aspire Early Science Curriculum 

Children at Aspire start their Science journey by exploring their world through theme based learning opportunities and through Attention Autism.

Our aim is for children develop a sense of curiosity and wonder,  whilst introducing  early scientific skills alongside teaching concept and topic vocabulary.  Early Science skills are introduced through exploring the world around us using a  "hands on"multi-sensory approach, allowing our children to make connections with the world around them. 

  Exploring ourworld is exciting and fun and gives us a sense of belonging.

  Aspire Science Curriculum

At Aspire our children will continue their Science journey by following the White   Rose Science scheme. When ready, our children will access the scheme at a carefully selected level to ensure understanding, and progress through it at an appropriate  pace.   

White Rose Science teaches Science through engaging practical activities,     introducing key concepts, vocabulary and scientific skills through a "small steps   approach.

The White Rose Science schemes of learning provides coverage of the national curriculum for Science and includes scientific questions around sustainability and the planet, which helps our children develop an empathy for the local and wider environment.